Eligibility for admission :-

Every year the concerned student must come in person for admission according to the schedule put up by the College. If, under unavoidable circumstances, a student is unable to come personally for admission he must seek prior permission in writing from the Principle/Vice-

Principle to that effect. He must also submit a letter authorizing a responsible person (close relative/ local guardian). However, college accepts no responsibility if a student misses his/her Admission on any account.

Students must abide by the Schedule of Admissions. The college is not responsible if a student

misses his/her admission on account of delay on his /her part.

Before the students admit himself, they should be clear with all academics records:-such as

criminal cases or any offensive behaviour in previous institute.

Prinicilple of the college has full rights to rusticate those student who damage college property and to disqualify those student who are providing fake information about their certificate.
For any of reasons student leave the college we will not refund any amount except caution  money. 
Students must attend at least 75% of lectures. They must complete all the tests, tutorials, practical prescribed for their course according to schedule.
Students are expected to behave in a responsible and decent manner at the time of  examination. Any attempt to indulge in any kind of malpractice copying etc.Will is strictly dealt with.


Rules and regulations:-

Students are asked to take special note of the following:


Smoking is strictly forbidden in the College & Hostel premises.  
The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Any student found using or having used drinks, drugs or any other intoxicants will be summarily dismissed from the college 
Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed.  
Possession of Camera Cell-Phone is strictly prohibited in the Campus. Use of cellular phones inside building / corridors is strictly Forbidden  



Student are requested to pay fees before the due date. Student should clear all the dues and then only college will provide no dues certificate.


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